Assisting Households and Businesses in the North Shore and Cape Ann Areas For More Than 22 Years

Let Kathy Wilson Assist You With Making Your Every Day Household and/or Business Tasks Go Away!!

Proudly serving businesses and households in the Cape Ann and the North Shore areas for more than 22 years

Don't you just wish you could simply say those few words ("Make It Go Away!") and then sit back and watch your bookkeeping and paperwork disappear?

Think about this.... There are 24 hours in a day and a usual day consists of:

  • 8 hours spent sleeping (if you are lucky)
  • 1 hour spent getting ready
  • 8+ hours spent working
  • 1+ hours spent commuting
  • 1+ hours spent preparing meals and eating
  • 1+ hours spent running errands
  • 1+ hours spent doing laundry, cleaning, maintaining house/yard/property, etc.
  • 2 hours for family or personal commitments (school activities/homework/sporting events), exercise, etc.

This leaves you with approximately 1 hour per day to sort through mail, pay bills, follow up on phone calls/emails, take care of all the unexpected developments throughout the day and focus on any other  administrative and bookkeeping tasks needed to run your household and/or office smoothly and productively.  The majority of your days are filled with requirements and commitments.

Wouldn't you rather have more than 1 hour per day available to spend with friends, family or have time to yourself?

If so, just say...."Make It Go Away!" and contact Kathy Wilson at (978) 314-5085 or at
to help make that happen!





Kathy Wilson
Experienced bookkeeper, personal assistant and office administrator

Life is better with less worries. I can offer you a professional well designed service to give you the most precious gift of all...


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